A 501 (c)(3) Foundation

What is Oregon Urology Foundation (OUF)?

OUF is a non-profit charitable organization funded by the Doctors of Oregon Urology Institute. Close to 100% of the foundations money goes directly to urologic education and community support.  Our tax ID number is 20-1547206.

Mission Statement

The Oregon Urology Foundation is a non-profit tax-exempt organization, governed by an independent board, that exists for three primary purposes: To improve public health by providing or financing free or low-cost urologic and other health care services, to promote excellence in the practice of urologic medicine by supporting education and training in the field of urology, and to support unfettered urologic research at schools of medicine and elsewhere.

What does OUF do?

  1. Provide support for indigent urology patients and families in our area
  2. Provide urology research funding not tied to any specific company or product (i.e. prostate cancer research or preventative medicine research).
  3. OUF provides education and training to all doctors by bringing in experts and mentors to the annual Urology Symposium.

Who manages OUF?

The OUF is managed and administered by an all-volunteer board of directors (accountants, educators, business people, physicians, and community leaders). OUF is privileged to have a truly exceptional board of committed and talented individuals.


If you would like a copy of our Financial Statement, please contact us at [email protected]