The Prostate Screening event was a HUGE success!

Date: July 17, 2008

Time: 3:01 PM

We would like to thank KEZI-9, Valley River Center and everyone else who helped make the event happen. We saw 224 patients the first day and 340 the second day. We are looking forward to next year. Almost 5% of the men were found to be suspicious for Prostate Cancer.

About the Free Prostate Cancer Testing

Early detection of prostate cancer consists of a simple blood test (prostate specific antigen blood test) and an optional physical exam.

What to Expect When You Visit the Drive

PSA Test: Understanding Your Test Results

PSA Calibration News: A difference of 22 percent has been found between the Hybritech and World Health Organization (WHO) PSA tests. This could greatly impact your PSA test score, depending on which test was administered. To learn more, visit

To learn more about this nation-wide event – Check out The Project to End Prostate Cancer website or call: (541) 334-3350:

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